Statistical analysis has wide range of applications in different fields such as Medicine,Economics,Social Sciences,Engineering, Business and Management. Statistical tools help researchers to take scientific decision on the research problem they are dealing with(Mainly the Quantitative Research). Its role starts from the planning stage of the research to the conclusion stage. In the current scenario at least a basic knowledge about Statistics is essential for the researcher to succeed in their area of research.

Statistical Methods and Tools

  1. Descriptive statistical methods
  2. Inferential statistical Methods
  3. Regression modeling
  4. Correlation Analysis
  5. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  6. Statistical Modeling
  7. Survival Analysis
  8. Cluster Analysis
  9. Factor Analysis
  10. Structural Equation Modeling
  11. Design of Experiments
  12. Time Series Analysis
  13. Index Numbers
  14. Statistical Quality Control
  15. Six Sigma